Every customer is a 10 year customer

Choosing Prime Reason is choosing a partner that values excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Prime Reason is dedicated to being the cornerstone of your success, providing the foundational strength and vision needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.



Data security & privacy

We promise to uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected at all times.

  • We prioritise data security through various encryption methods and regular security audits.
  • Our solutions are designed to protect sensitive information, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • We maintain robust security measures to provide peace of mind for our clients, knowing their data is safe with us.



24/7 availability

We promise to provide round-the-clock support to ensure that you can get help whenever you need it, no matter the time zone or hour.

  • We leverage automation to minimise turnaround times and expedite routine operations.
  • We proactively monitor system performance and address potential issues before they impact your operations.
  • We do Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to quickly determine the source and action required.



dedicated account managers

We promise to assign a dedicated account manager to your organisation who will understand your specific needs and provide personalised assistance.

  • We ensure reliability at the core of our operations, through our certified consultants and technical specialists.
  • We have robust systems to manage our tickets and ensure adherence to SLA’s.
  • We deploy multi-disciplinary project team members to provide input when challenges occur.



manage high demand

We promise to handle high-demand scenarios with ease by focusing on important issues and prioritising our efforts accordingly.

  • Our solutions are built to handle high volumes of data and transactions, supporting the scalability of our service offering.
  • We manage volumes by prioritising the Seriousness, Urgency, and Growth of incidents on a real time basis.
  • We offer ongoing and free training to users & administrators to pre-empt user errors and enable a level of self service.



Transparent Communication

We promise to maintain open and transparent communication with you regarding any system updates, maintenance, or changes.

  • We conduct business with the highest level of integrity, ensuring transparency and honesty in all interactions.
  • Our commitment to ethical practices builds trust and fosters long-lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Integrity is the foundation of our service, guiding every decision we make.



we are process driven

We promise to remain consistent in our approach to ensure uninterrupted continuity and proactive monitoring of processes.

  • We deliver consistent quality across all our services, ensuring the same high standard every time.
  • Our processes are tailored to reduce manual tasks and improve overall productivity.
  • We have documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).



Centralised Incident Management

The Prime Reason support desk plays a crucial role in providing an efficient, centralised incident management service to ensure the delivery of services aligns with the clients' expectations.

  • We prioritise incidents, identify risks, determine the most efficient solutions and Quality Assure changes prior to deployment.
  • We offer multiple support packages that cater to the unique needs of your organisation, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and effective assistance.
  • All incidents and remedies are monitored by the Project Management team.

Our Service charter

In action

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